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Mini Digger Hire Penrith

We have a large selection of Mini Diggers to suit any job. They are available for hire by Hour, Day or Week or Weekend. Please take a look at the selection below then give us a call to book. We can also supply a digger driver with each machine if required. We can deliver to Penrith and surrounding areas including Keswick, Carlisle, Appleby, Kirkby Stephen etc.


  • Zero Tail Swing
  • Variable Track
  • 1575 KG Weight
  • Digging Depth 2460mm
  • Min width 990mm
  • Canopy
  • Drivers Also Available with Machine

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  • Strong Digging Force
  • Long Arm
  • 2790 KG Weight
  • Digging Depth 2870mm
  • Min width 1500mm
  • Spacious Cabin
  • Drivers Also Available with Machine

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You can hire a mini digger so that you dig excavations quicker and easier. Anyone can operate a small digger on home or private sites without a licence, saving money on a driver. If you are using the plant on a construction site, you will need relevant training. We need a deposit and ID for all hires.

mini diggers are great for small projects. They are a powerful yet convenient option for excavation and digging work. Diggers are suitable for a lot of projects. You can use them for gardening, landscaping, installing pipes and cables underground, moving loads, and more. These compact, micro excavators are ideal for small scale projects. They excel when used on domestic properties and on-site.

We have both 0.8 tonnes and 1.5 tonnes diggers. They are efficient machines with retractable tracks and slim dimensions. You can use them in restricted and confined work areas with limited space.

Our 0.8T micro diggers have adjustable tracks that you can retract to just 700mm wide. They are compact enough to fit through standard-sized doorways. The tracks measure 860mm when extended, offering 15% more stability. These mini excavators have a maximum digging depth of 1720mm, weigh just 980kg, and have a 12-litre fuel tank.

Our 1.5T mini diggers have adjustable tracks between 990mm and 1240mm widths. The narrow footprint allows you to access a work zone through restricted spaces. When you fully extend the tracks, they offer superior stability. They provide a maximum digging depth of 2250mm, weighing 1500kg, and have a 21-litre fuel tank.

We have a full range of mini diggers that also includes compact 3T tracked diggers 5T tracked diggers. We also have a range of accessories, including breaker attachments, excavator augers, and ground mats. For larger machines, see our excavators.


The day rate of a small digger rental can vary depending on the machine's size. Whether you are a DIY user or a trade professional, you can book our plant equipment via the telephone or call into our shop, Our team will be able to respond to all your questions and offer you a competitive rate.

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